Victim of Societal Pressure? Fix it!

Why is it that to be a woman we must be so many things? She has to be beautiful, funny, strong (but not too strong), successful (but not that successful), and maternal (because what are you if you do not want babies?). Women, since ages have been the victim of Societal Pressure.

We have to be above all (but not above him), smart (but not smarter than him). Not only that, but we also have to adopt our own opinions and views. But, when there are men around that disagree, we have to shut the hell up.

Or accordingly, they will treat us as a threat. From the time we were little girls, we were put to believe that looks are the thing we should only be concerned about. Society judges us on the way we look, rather than our ability to do or achieve something. 

They yearn for our looks rather than brain….Here are some ridiculous Societal Pressures a lady faces.

What are those Pressures???

1. You are “Responsible “!!!

Girls are not just judged by appearance, but also by how we have our life held up. No, you cannot look messed up. You are a girl who is supposed to have everything figured out in your life, and also be able to make people around you feel so. IT IS YOUR DUTY Honey

2. On Point…ALWAYS!!!

 We are surrounded by certain societal expectations and specific molds that girls should fit in to. Girls have to always be looking good, besides living up to those expectations. It’s so common in our society, that even if a lady gets that belly post baby she is supposed to look as pretty and effortlessly flawless as a MODEL...

3.Be Happy!! No Matter What..

You have to put a smile on your face. You cannot groan, or complain. You have to always be happy and content, or you will be labelled as annoying, always-whining, or ungrateful.

If you are not grinning from ear to ear, people will ask ” Are you OK?” or ” What’s wrong? What if nothing is wrong? What if I am totally fine? 

 Bottomline, to be happy is OK, to be sad is OK, or even not to show any feelings at all is also OK. Don’t let society push you. Be honest with your feelings. At a very young age, girls start to feel the need to stand out and accept the pressures of womanhood, just to please the society around them.

4. Look at those heavy buldges hanging around..

She has to be pretty. No matter what…No one understands whether you have been suffering a hormonal issue or its just that you have given birth to a baby..

How can you deal with it?

1. Choose your team..

This might be a bit diificult and a manipulative task for you. Not coming under anybody’s influence, but having minority of people in your life who can provide you unbiased suggestion or direction helps.

Now, why did I say Manipulative? It might get a bit tough while choosing your own crowd ( parents, Siblings, or a stranger), Since we get very hypocritical when choosing the right people.

2. Be proud & Content.

Whatever the choices maybe, we should be satisfied and content that they are for our betterment. We should be happy and proud of them. But according to my Rulebook, I believe that even if our decisions do not turn out to be the best for us, they still leave us with memories, wisdom and The Lessons for Life. Which can later on help us a lot in making better choices in our life. Isn’t It? Either way, it”s a win -win situation.

3.Warm up those Cold Feet.

There’s always a fear instilled in our minds, especially when you know there are people just waiting for you to fall. But when such thoughts strike, remember the fact that YOU ARE A HUMAN & HUMANS ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE MISTAKES!!

It’s true whatever decisions you make, people do always have an opinion about it. Opinions are according to their moods and mindset (good or bad) but if you are doing something that might make you the black- sheep of the crowd, it might make you a TRENDSETTER too!!!!

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