Top 4 Keto Friendly restaurants to make Eating out on Keto in Riyadh

Here’s how to order – and exactly where to order from.

Sticking to a very Low- Carb, Moderate- Protein and High-Fat Diet which is KETO DIET, when you are dining out is extremely crucial if you would prefer staying on your diet and do not want to ruin it.This can pose serious challenges beyond just resisting your favorite fries.

The reason you’re on the Ketogenic Diet or Diabetic Friendly Diet is just because your doctor advised you to follow a diet for a medical problem like Type 2 Diabetes — matters when choosing a diet.

Tips to follow when Dining Out on a Keto Diet

That may sound daunting, but the good news is day by day keto is becoming more mainstream, and restaurants understand when customers need any modification in their meals.

Like all healthy- eating patterns, a well-rounded Ketogenic diet should consists of Whole, Nutritious food with good proteins and healthy fats.

Start with a base of a simply prepared protein such as poultry, fish, meat or grilled chicken with a combo of non- starchy vegetables like Zucchini, Broccoli, or leafy greens such as Kale.

Add Healthy Fats and ask for extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar, sliced avocado, olives, nuts and seeds for optimum fat intake while maintaining a low carb intake.

Healthy Restaurant Eating while on Keto

And remember,  Healthy Restaurant Eating is possible while being on keto..”A well- planned Ketogenic Diet has the potential to be still nutritious if you crowd the diet with healthy fats and protein choices” says Romano. Here are the best four Keto restaurants in Riyadh you will love visiting.

1)Wellness Kitchen


Insta credits- Wellness Kitchen

Having an experience of more than 35 years, this is the first restaurant that combines the concept of healthy life style and improving the health. Their wellness membership program includes

  • Weight Killer Program– Includes 3 meals and snacks for 2,689 Sr.
  • Fat Burner Program-

    1. 6,650 SAR for 28 days
    2. 3,650 SAR for 14 days
    3. 2,000 SAR for 7 days

Apart from that, they have many good program. 

Insta handle : iwellnessk

Contact mail :,sa

Call: 0534082939

Rating 4.5

2)Apple Bees


Insta Credits- Applebees

You can still go to Apple Bees, if you’re on keto. The Keto diet is one of those that let’s you have zero restaurant fun, especially when that specializes in burgers and fries meals which are out flawed for Keto dieters.

The menu includes Caesar Salad, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Shrimps ‘N Parmesan Sirloin to name a few.

Insta handle: applebees

Contact mail :

Call : 011-966-1249


Rating 4.3

3)Riyadh Keto Kitchen


Insta Credits- Riyadh_Keto_kitchen

This home based business specializes  in Organic, Keto -Friendly, Vegan, Celiac-Friendly guilt free treats. Their menu includes 

  • Cinnamon Rolls.
  • Keto Oriental Meat Muttabagh.
  • Grass fed Cheese Keto Mini Pizza. 
  • Organic Raw Coco Powder cupcakes.

These are Vacuum packed to  preserve its quality for one week.

Insta handle:- riyadh_keto_kitchen

Call : +966549798747

Rating 4

4)Diet World


Insta Credits - DietWorld

Diet world was founded in 1999, where they offer you  successful health programs for a healthy lifestyle, there top programs includes:  

  • Athletic Program.
  • Healthy Kids Menu.
  • Barbiturate Program and 
  • Home Meal Program.

There are a range of packages, including for a monthly subscription with delivery, a visit to a specialist, with muscle and fat screening only for 1,850 SAR.

They also have detox program with multiple flavors for 495 SAR

Insta handle dietworld

Contact Mail :


Rating 3.9

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