8 Tips to Help Kids Fast In Ramadan.

Muslim children are not required to fast for Ramadan until they reach the age of maturity (puberty). At that time they are responsible for their decisions and are considered adults in terms of meeting religious obligations. Schools and other programs that include children may find that some children choose to fast, while others do not. It is advised to follow the child’s lead and not force an action one way or the other. Here are the Tips to Help Kids fast in Ramadan.


In many families, younger children do enjoy participating in the fast. And are encouraged to practice their fasting in a way that is appropriate for their age.

It is common for a younger child to fast for part of a day, for example, or for one day on the weekend. This way, they enjoy the “grown-up” feeling that they are participating in the special events of the family and community,


Many younger Muslim children (under the age of 10 or so) will not fast during the school day. But some children may express a preference to try.

In non-Muslim countries, there is no expectation of elaborate accommodation for students who are fasting. On the contrary, it is understood that one may face temptations during fasting. And is responsible for his or her actions. 

If your kids are interested in fasting or are reaching the age required to fast.  Here are a few ways to help them along on their journey in shaa Allah.

Tips To Help Kids Fast in Ramadan.

1. Do Till You Learn!!

Practice makes perfect as they say and the best way for kids to do anything, especially fasting, would be to practice. There are so many ways they can try, whether it is by waking up for suhoor to start the habit. Or having a later breakfast to get a feel of things.

Another option could be a food fast, avoiding food but allowing water/liquids. Remember that kids are just kids, so take it slow and be mindful of their needs throughout the day.

2. Set Goals.

If your child is keen to fast, ask them to set a goal of how many times they’d like to try. This gives children a sense of purpose and something to work towards.

3. Rewards aren’t Bribes.

Rewarding your kids for fasting is a very good way to make everything around interesting and exciting.

  1. Hot chocolate…or their favorite hot drink. Especially good in Winter.
  2. Do a puzzle. Together, or as a family. But make sure you finish it!
  3. What’s for dinner? Let them choose, not just for them but the whole family.
  4. Bonus screen time. Just a little extra. 15 mins more to say ‘good job’.

4. Make it Joyful.

There are a few great printables available from Ayeina.com  that you can use to encourage fasting. A printable makes it easier to keep track of fasts completed (or attempted . This post – Involving Kids in the Ramadan Spirit (+ FREE printables) 

5. Involve kids in Meal Preparation.

Cooking is the best way to create the perfect backdrop for discussing all things Ramadan.

Plus, it teaches your children how to prepartraditional dishes at the same time. Ask your kids to help make the meal each iftar during Ramadan. The memories they’ll form while cooking traditional Ramadan recipes create an anticipated excitement. Knowing  about the Rewards from Allah as they had a hand in feeding the hungry family.

6. Instill The Value of Sadaqa.

Encourage your children to provide a service for others. Saving money for the needy during the month of Ramadan. And make it a family affair!

For instance, take the money you’d spend on a cup of coffee each day and plop it into a jar. Showing your commitment to your children’s cause. Together, create a Money Jar that hangs over the donation as a reminder. Celebrating Ramadan with your Children.

7. Educating Is The Key.

Immerse them in all things Ramadan and fasting.  Read about Ramadan, read about fasting, read the ahadith that relate to fasting, explain the rewards, tell them everything it entails. 

Read to them the Books of Sahabas or Prophet’s Campanions.

8. Be a Good Role Model.

Kids always try to imitate their parents, no matter what. This is the same when comes Fasting. Be a Good Role Model to your kids as they imitate and learn what you do. Make clear explaining them what you’re doing. Let it be Praying or Reading Duas.