MAJORITY of Male Population are watching “Mera Pass Tum Ho”.

Mera Pass Tum Ho is an ARY Digital’s latest hit based Infidelity and Extra marital relations. And to be surprised, Majority of Males are watching Mere Pass Tum Ho.

No doubt the Pakistani Showbiz industry is doing a pretty good job in dramas. That’s very rare when serials come in limelight  where people begin sharing there different opinions. This is what happened with this drama, the show not only became one of the biggest topics on social media but also all over the world.

Above all, it managed to do so for more than six months, that’s an impressive time in Pakistani serial industry. The Show aired on ARY Digital from 17th Aug 2019-20th Jan 2020. There are still debates going on around writer “Khaleel Ur Rahman” and the views that he has produced on women.


Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and Danish (Humayun Saeed) are middle class couple with love marriage and has a son called Rumi.

Danish is a simple man having high Moral values and works as government officer earning up to 65K monthly. On the other hand, his wife come’s up with every wish she has known that her husband can go to any extent to fulfill it.

After 3 episodes, Mehwish dreams of a diamond necklace and also argues with a rickshaw driver over a few hundred rupees. 

All influenced by and under the continuous peer pressure from her friend Anoushay (Meher Banu) , she borrows money from her to purchase her dream necklace.  Without knowing Danish has bought for her while being on the wrong path i.e, corruption.

Mahwish gets introduced to a Rich handsome CEO Shahwar Ahmed (Adnan Siddique), where Shahwar couldn’t stop Mehwish’s beauty. Post some formal reluctance and Romantic advances.

Mehwish starts fornication with Shahwar, which the drama has shown in explicit detail as the Pakistani censorship allows.  

After this shocking episode of Mehwish’s betrayal, there were questions arising every where about the “Bed Room Selfies” with pink nightie.

While Shahwar enjoyed the moment of victory where he had to convince Mehwish  to leave Danish. Mehwish was still confused and in a dilemma if what she had done was right. Danish was the recipient of consolation and sympathy.

While returning back from business trip Mehwish panics as she sees Danish waiting at the airport. His fears get confirmed when he sees both arriving together. In next episode Shahwar proves Danish with all those secret phone calls and bedroom selfies.  That Mehwish is no more interested in Danish and is likely to get married to Shahwar. Danish is visibly upset and speechless.

Danish is offered Rs 50 million to divorce her which he refuses saying that “Once a women is bought,her value is nothing”. After all this he becomes an over-night Millionaire by investing in “Shahwar’s” company.

Soon after Mehwish abandons Danish, he finds a new love interest and motherly figure in Rumi’s teacher in the form of Hania (Hira Mani).

To balance out the ‘headstrong’  character of Mehwish the writer  introduces  Hania. She  is obviously ‘good natured” and never married, also doesn’t find any issue in connecting with divorced man or perform Rumi’s mother.

All this cliche has caught too much attention. Why?

First thing is the author Khaleel Ur Rahman states that “A man cannot resist a women tempting him”. And no surprise this statement had created a turmoil.

While in an interview a similar message was given by actor Adnan Siddique who “elegantly shrugged his shoulders” with Fuchsia   magazine and his stated that Shahwar’s character was just like any other man and there was nothing new to it. 

So, ultimately it is women  who is blamed as she had accepted Shahwar’s offer and wanted a rich happy life.

Why are MEN watching Mere Pass Tum Ho?

The above statements are completely incorrect as they reveal a “Terrifying mentality”  of today’s world that the burden of guilt lies only on women’s shoulders not man.

If such excuses are made by men, then toady’s crime doesn’t need any reason to happen  because “Mard Hotey he aise hai, Aurat kho he qayal rakhna chahiye” !! This mindset is ridiculous.

All these Rapists, abusers and harassers will have an excuse that “it was she who allured me, hence, I couldn’t help myself and the entire world is pointing their fingers on the victim as men have no self -control.

Also, the outrageous dialogue “Do Takkay ki Aurat” which too created controversy. When men  cheat on their wives and abandons his child, he is given encouragement. While a women is judged by the society in doing so. 

But I personally feel, there is no culture on earth that celebrates Adultery. 

In fact, a universal criticism is made for those who cheat on their spouse. Even if the person is dating monogamously and cheating the spouse is considered disgraceful and pathetic.

So, here it is not wrong if Mehwish is judged, problem arises when Shahwar isn’t been judged. Both Mehwish and Shahwar broke their Wedding vows and tempted Mehwish by showing up the power of money. The fact is Shahwar is as guilty as Mehwish.

Yet, people have a mentality of men doing such things are not cheap, its just there inherent nature.

Mera Pass Tum Ho is a solid and well played drama with strong characters and excellent performances.

Humayun Sayeed reminds us again that he is good actor and plays his roles to its fullest.

Ayeza Khan is an amazing actress with a selfish and self-centered character.

Adnan Siddiqui is well-an incredibly talented actor mastering all his potentials.   

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