Best Organic Baby Foods for 2020

Parents work so hard to ensure that their little ones get the best out of the best as they grow up. One thIng to be careful in that case is to ensure your child is introduced to organic foods while they are still young. While the importance of organic foods over the conventional produce is very well known to all of us. There are still many parents who feed their babies with conventionally produced baby foods.

Organic baby foods are free of synthetic pesticides, Genetically  modified substances  sewage sludge-based fertilizers and much more which are absolutely safe for the babies and you can be sure that your baby is not ingesting these substances. 

Things to look For In An Organic Baby Food

Contents :

  • USDA Organic Certified (US Department of Agriculture)
  • Non GMO
  • Safe Packaging

USDA Organic Certified (US Department of Agriculture)  : USDA agencies serve the organic sector. It’s regulations describe organic agriculture as Cultural, Biological and Mechanical practices that support on farm resources, maintain eco-logical balance. Most products will claim to be organic but look for USDA certified organic products.

Non GMO :  Look for products that are not genetically modified so that they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for your baby. You should be watching out for this label before buying the food.

Safe Packaging :  Organic baby foods are available in various styles of packages. It can be Glass jars, Pouches or Bottles. While it’s mainly depending on our convenience and preference what to select.  Just be ensured that its BPA free to keep your baby safe from ingesting the dangerous substances.

 Also If considering buying pouches, its ideal for on that go snacking,  BPA free and allow you to have clear indication of what you are feeding your baby. Since its not safe to use plastic containers as they are are containing BPA .

Nutrition Value : For getting all the essential nutrients and micro nutrients is also the reason we want the best for our baby . Also, the food might not have all the harmful substances, but it is still important to have a check if the baby is getting everything from the pack.

Top 5 Best Organic Baby Foods 2020

Gerber Organic Single Grain Oatmeal Baby Cereal: 

Why to buy this ?

Gerber Organic Single Grain Oatmeal is best as it has a single ingredient feature in it. So, if food intolerance or allergies is your primary concern, then there is nothing to worry. Nevertheless, it is Non-GMO, USDA- Certified organic with all essential nutrients from Iron, Vit C, Calcium, Vit & Zinc and all the complex. All these ensure your baby’s healthy growth and development.

Pros : 

  • Single grain cereal.
  • Non-GMO
  • USDA Certified.
  • Rich in iron, Calcium & essential Vitamins
  • Best For babies with food intolerance.

Cons : 

  • A very plain taste which most babies don’t admire.

 Beech- Nut Organic Sweet Peas Stage 2 Baby Food  :

 Why to buy this?

Beech Nut Organic Baby Food comes in a cute glass jar making sure its free of BPA & phthalates. Prepared using indirect heat that preserves all the nutrients and not losing its flavor. Moreover, rich in fiber, ideal for babies suffering from constipation.


  • BPA free & Phthalate free
  • USDA certified Organic
  • Doesn’t contain added colors flavors or additives
  • Has  Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium for their brain development. 
  • Helps treat constipation. 


  • Glass Jars are not ideal for on the go snacking.

Earths Best Organic Baby Food :

 Why we love it ? 

That’s because  it is available in  3 stages, It is not only organic, unsweetened and unsalted but also affordable.

Stage 1:- Starts out with single food purees to allow you to safely introduce foods.

Stage 2:– As the baby transitions to stage, there are new flavors introduced.

Stage 3:- In this stage the texture changes to a chunkier puree that’s safe for older babies.


  • Affordable
  • Organic
  • No Artificial Colors & Flavors

 Best Baby Cereal – Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal : 

Why we love this?  – 

As it’s the top rated  and  best selling cereal as it is enriched with Iron and Choline which is beneficial for baby’s brain and eye development. You can also mix this with Breast milk, formula  or water .

Pros :-

  • Meets 20% of babies calcium requirement
  • contains Iron and Choline. 

 Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Pouches

Why to buy this?

 Baby food pouches are perfect for little ones, 6 months and older.  Can be enjoyed as a meal or a snack, depending on the kid’s age. 

Ella’s kitchen products contain veggies & fruits that are blended with awesome taste.


  • Has no Additives.
  • Available in slew of flavors such as apples,  sweet potatoes, Pumpkin & Blue Berries.
  • Also in pouches. ideal for on the go snacking.


  • Not good  for babies with lactose intolerance.

Best Baby Finger Food -(Hot- Kid baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks) :- 


Why we love it? 

Hot Kid Rice Rusks are perfect for Teethers & non-teethers alike, as they dissolve easily. Also very easy to be held  by your baby. The best part is they don’t contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. Available in banana and other fruit flavors.


  • Can be easily held by baby .
  • Free from allergies. 
  • No artificial ingredients and 
  • Preservative available in various fruits and veggie flavors.

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Organic Baby Furniture – 2020

When it comes to choosing Organic Furniture, it’s necessary that we look for option where the product is free from chemicals used to produce conventional furniture and mattresses. 

Choosing an Organic Baby Furniture.

We all think about from the food comes from and try to choose organic food option or a locally grown produce. This is good idea since you become alert about the planet’s pesticide load and the damage causing to our health.

However, our choice mainly begins with food and ends there. We don’t think much about organic clothing or organic furniture.

Many people have started picking organic baby furniture as they want their babies to be safe and chemical free as much as possible. Since, the immune systems of the babies are quite weak and likely to get sick or allergic. If exposed to chemical also, they breathe more rapidly causing ingestion of toxin into their bodies.

Organic Baby Furniture.

There hasn’t much talk in the town about this and it hasn’t made its way. Yet, there are some stores to offer you  Eco-friendly furniture for your little ones. 

Mumzworld offers Organic Hammock Baby Bed and little west street dots  crib with fitted sheets.

For example,  Baby Hammock Pack includes an organic cotton knit sheet and a mattress cover made of synergistic blend of 45% organic cotton and 55% temp which combines beautifully with New Zealand Wool.

The little west dots organic crib is 100% GOTS certified with organic cotton and has an elastic around entire edge of sheet for secure fit.

Organic Baby Pillows.

Looking for a fun colorful Pom Poms all around the pillow for a cherry touch to your little ones room. Then Mumzworld has offer an 100% cotton pillow which can be a great addition to any room decor.

Non- Toxic Baby Mattress.

Along with the safe furniture in your baby’s room, you will also want to have organic mattress made of cotton, wool or some combinations.

Your baby will be enjoying a snug sleep with this mattress. The durability and naturally produced quality makes sure your little one receives great comfort while sleeping.

While these products seem to be more expensive compared to conventionally produced products, they are being well made and can become heirlooms to pass down to your children’s.

Most online shops are claiming that all organic furniture offer free shipping as well . So, shop around for the best deals on Amazon.

Have a look here!!!

Best Organic and Eco-Friendly Toys for Babies – 2020

It has become pretty important these days that we become more concerned about the pesticides and various farming practices .Farmers are opting various farming practices to produce baby Toys. It is important to buy the Best Organic and Eco- Friendly Toys for our babies.


When looking for Top Organic toys, has a great selection and choice of organic products. 

Amazon Brand – Jam and Honey 14″ (35cm) Rainbow Unicorn Pastel


What kid doesn’t love soft toys? Ours are safe, fun, and motivate children to develop motor skills, social skills, and logical thinking through role play, imagination, .It is a soft and safe accessory that allows little ones a caring experience.

Rainbow unicorn  is  made from soft, non-toxic and anti-allergic polyester fabric. Extremely huggable soft toy with conjugate fibre-filled stuffing. It’s designed with detail to closely resemble a rainbow unicorn. Superior quality with strong, secure stitching.

Wonderhood Casey The Cow Baby Touch n Feel Activity Book Cum Toy with Silicon Teether (Red and White)  


This adorable touch and feel soft activity book  makes a wonderful gift for any baby boy or baby girl.

Wonderhood case Soft book series becomes the first book for babies and toddlers. The book stimulates multiple senses – sight, touch, sound and taste. .With pullable parts, the design also enables gross motor skill development; High contrast color design

Includes  100% silicone and BPA Free Teether helping babies to develop healthy oral care habits from earliest possible.

KIDZVILLA Baby Teething Toys – Silicone BPA Free Natural Organic Freezer Safe Teethers & Nibblers for Newborn Infant, Soft & Textured – Babies Shower Gift



Kidzvilla Baby Teething toy is made with softy and chewable silicone for the comfort and safety of babies. The materials are FDA approved, BPA-free, No harmful material, dishwasher and freezer safe. Prevents Discomfort and Soreness in Babies.

UNIQUE FRUIT TREE DESIGN – Designed as a fruit teether tree.  ideal choice for your baby’s developmental ease. Baby loves the bright colors and the fruity shapes.Also the handle is just right for baby to hold plus the size is good for them to chew.

SOFT SILICONE MATERIAL –Consists of soft and smooth silicone material, which is best for sore gums pain relief. Having the grooves and bumps to gently rub a little one’s gums without harming the mouth area. And the soft infant teething toys do not hurt them when putting it close to their face.

Generic Wooden Teether Toy + Baby Gym Toy + Teethers Ring 4 Pieces/Lot Combo Pack


Who doesn’t love Rattle with teething toys for their bundle of joy?

 Generic Wooden Teether   is a 4 pcs colorful set of wooden toys to develop their social interaction and motor skills. Trust this with 100% food grade and natural wood, Neither latex and PVC.

Shumee Ele and Ball Rattle Organic Plush Toy


Shumee Ele ball Rattle   is made with Organic certified cotton, 100% safe for your little ones. 

Here is an  Elephant and Ball shaped soft and colorful plush toy. Which acts as a rattle and makes calm soothing sounds for baby.

As it’s made from organic cotton, it enhances curiosity and imagination from a very young age. Also Perfect for playtime and soothe time, the  soothing sounds and the plush texture are just right for baby’s ears and delicate hands. Soft, colorful and squeezable.   

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Organic Baby Products to Buy – 2020

These days, it’s pretty important that we must be concerned about pesticides and various farming practices that these farmers opt in  the production of your babies toys, food clothing and bath products. Still there are manufacturers who demand for highly organic baby items.

There are dozens of good quality of organic baby products in the market. So, I never compromise my values to get everything my baby needs.



  • Organic Baby Toys
  • Organic Baby Furniture
  • Organic Baby Mattresses.


  • Organic Baby Formula
  • Organic Solid Baby Food.


  • Organic Baby Onesies.
  • Organic Socks and Booties.
  • Organic Inner Wear.


  • Organic soaps

1)  Organic Baby Toys and Furniture.

a) Organic Baby Toys :– While looking for toys, I’m extremely cautious since babies have tendency to put everything in their mouths. So getting toys that are organic is very important . Organic wooden blocks and  Toys are in many parents’  list

b) Organic Baby Furniture :- It has to be something very disturbing by the type and amount if chemicals applied to get that so called perfect finishing to the infant furniture. From baby cot to bassinets, cribs to swing and much more.

If you are looking for earth friendly alternatives, consider the organic baby furniture options.  Check Fisher-Price Georgia Baby Crib Cum Toddler Bed (with Mattress, White) 

Also check   Fisher-Price – Florence Multi functional  Baby Crib and Bed (Grey)  with adjustable mattress base, : Constructed with 100% solid Canadian Pine wood, makes it very sturdy and durable. Comes with lockable rolling wheels to provide mobility to your baby. 

c) Organic Baby Mattresses :- Baby Mattresses play a very important role in giving a baby good and undisturbed sleep. There are many chemical pollutants in the mattress itself.

You can look for safe options for organic bassinet mattress , sleeper mattress for you little one.

2) Organic Baby food .

Organic Produce carries significantly fewer pesticides residues than the conventional produce. Many parents prefer buying organic baby foods from formula to these harmful residues.

Since infants are more prone to damage caused by pesticides than adults.

a) Organic Baby Formula :- After Breast milk, it is the baby formula that has to be feed to the baby. 

When trying to start Formula, it’s important to provide the benefits of breast milk with formula. Use Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump (White).

It’s  natural to be worried about the processing and farming methods used in production of formula. There are many organic goat’s milk formulas available  in the market.

b) Organic Solid Foods for Baby :- Introducing solids to babies is one of the best thing a mom can do. Now, when the baby is ready to start with solids there are many food options in the grocery stores. First Solids Natural and Homemade Dry Nuts Powder Baby Food 100has the best solid foods for your baby.

Purchasing food after carefully looking into the Ingredients  is extremely important. This way you can keep a check of what food your baby is eating.

Along with providing our baby The Best Formula, It’s also important to  maintain a proper oral hygiene for Complete Health of the baby. Try Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer .

3) Organic Baby clothing. 

Baby skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to all kinds of allergies. Consequently, many parents also worry that the chemicals due to production can harm their little ones.

But fortunately, there are many options when opting an organically – grown baby clothing. I Bears Baby Boys and Baby Girls Pure Cotton Half Sleeves Romper Set  has a good collection of cute baby clothing.

a) Organic Onesies :– Onesies are ‘babies’ early wardrobe. If you’re concerned about chemicals that are used while producing these clothing items, there are few companies you can trust while purchasing Organic Onesies.

b) Organic Socks and Booties : The day when looking at those cute little feet taking tiny steps, that is a memory deep into our hearts. We want to make sure those feet doesn’t touch anything but organic.

You can look  for organic Socks and Booties. Organically produced cotton wool and other fibers make an extremely wonderful footwear for your cutie pie.

c) Organic Inner wear :-  Surround your baby with all over comfort and softness of Inner-Wears that are Toxic-free . I always opt for a pure  fabrications for my son.

There are plenty of options in Organic Inner-wears for your baby not only made from organic cotton but also don’t stretch and the colors and paints are very cute for your bundle of joy.

4)  Organic Bath Products. 

What you put on your baby’s skin matters. Varying from body lotion, Soaps, Shampoos and oils. So that they don’t contain pesticides. Learning about various alternative  choices can guide you on deciding the best products for your little ones.

Soap is another product you apply to keep your baby’s body clean and free of germs. Looking into some of the brands that produce organic baby soaps. Other products too such as shampoo and bubble baths are available too free from pesticides. 



Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash for Dry Skin (236ml)

Nature’s Baby Organics Bubble Bath Tangy Tangerine 12-Ounce Bottle

Best Organic Baby Formula-2020

Infant formula comes in dozens of brands and varieties and figuring out which is best for our baby can be a daunting task especially when we parents want a natural formula containing no preservatives,artificial flavors, colors or artificial sweetners.

Organic formula contains all natural & Non-GMO ingredients. Above all, they are sourced from farms that feed their cattle only organic foods having no traces of pesticides, herbicides, Steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, or harmful additives, whereas on contrast, Non-organic formulas scare us as they have vitamins derived from petroleum, herbicides,  fungicides, sulfate-based pesticides,corn syrup solids etc and much more.

But natural and non-toxic formula tends to be quite more expensive especially at the local grocery store but varies in quality & taste. After a thorough research, I have listed down the few .

Here are Best Budget Organic Baby Formula for 2020

HiPP Organic Infant Baby Formula

1) HIPP Combiotik Infant Formula

HiPP is one of the best selling European formulas (made in Germany and Netherlands) : 

  • It is a lactose based certified organic formula.
  • Contains both Prebiotics (Plant Fiber) and Probiotics for digestion.
  • Also has Omega 3 Fatty acids (DHA) and Whey proteins.
  • Similar to Breast Milk, it also contains lactic acid bacteria cultures (B.lactis) that helps reduce colic & irritability.

Pros :-  

  • Does not contain starch, Gluten, Maltodextrin, Processed Sugars.
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Essential Vitamins & Nutrients
  • Great for babies with sensitivity and more complex nutritional needs.

When tested this formula, (Stage 1) on 4 babies,  Two 2- Months old,  One 4- Month old & One 6-Month old, three of the four readily accepted the taste and none of the four developed Colic, Gas or Discomfort.  

You can check out the“HiPP Combiotic Organic baby formula here!’

2)  The Honest Co Organic Baby Food With DHA) 

The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba with the intent to develop high quality baby products while offering at reasonable prices.There are two versions available:- One they call Premium which is to replicate breast milk and the Sensitive version is for infants with gas bloating & constipation issues.

Now Let’s start with Premium Version.

Ingredients :

  • This is lactose based & non-fat milk based formula.
  • Contains palm,Soy, Coconut & Sunflower oils.
  •  Whey Protein, Alpina oil (AHA) algal oil (DHA)
  •  Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid, Chlorine,  Vit A, D, E,C,K & B.

The Sensitive version has processed sugars hence, we consider  Premium version over Sensitive.


  • Both are Non-GMO formulas.
  • Contains Omega fatty acids DHA & ARA.
  • with Prebiotic – FOS (Fructose- Oligosaccharides) 


  • The Use of Taurine , Sodium, Selenite which are not organic according to US Government . But, Overall they are better than most other US-based formula options and we like it for that.

  If interested you can check out Honest Co. Organic Baby Food with DHA here!

3) Similac Organic Baby Formula

Similac is one of the most trusted brands for new parents.They make a wide range of baby formulas including the popular Pro-Advance, Pro-Total, Comfort, Advance, Sensitive, Pro-Sensitive, Spit up, and Alimentum Options.

This is suitable for infants 0-12 months & is based on organic non-fat cow’s milk.


  • No issues with gas or discomfort.
  • Contains vitamins & minerals lutein, DHA & choline
  • Two babies we tested readily accepted its flavor. No  Issues with gas or discomfort but the babies tend to be pretty resilient to begin with.
  • Overall, we appreciate this organic formula as long as you are OK with addition of sugar.
  • Costs about a dollar per ounce if your buy in bulk which is more expensive than some others on this list interested .


  • Has Maltodextrin that is used as a thickener & preservative so, it can  cause spike in blood sugar levels. Few formulas in this list without Maltodextrin are HiPP, Organics  & Happy Baby but it is considered a relatively harmless ingredient.
  • Contains soy which causes potential allergies.

If interested you can checkout the Similac organic Baby Formula here!

4) Earth’s Best Infant Organic Formula

This milk powder has DHA & ARA to promote eye & brain development.This Baby Formula with no Growth Hormones, no Antibiotics or steriods.


  • There are no growth hormones.
  • No Antibiotics.
  • No Steroids
  • Parents report that their babies have an easy time digesting.  
  • More affordable than the options at organic grocery stores.


  • Earth’s best uses Hexane for extracting DHA & ARA from lab grown algae & fungus.
  • Hexane is used as a chemical De-greaser , Industrial cleaner and a Neurotoxin.

We prefer to stay out of the debate given the lack of sound scientific data. Interested? You can check out  Earth’s Best Baby Formula here!

5) Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

This baby formula is a great option, especially when planning to use the formula from birth.

The dairy cows used to make milk for this formula are only feed Organic Diets. The formula is very similar to composition of breast milk.


  • Include lactose, Oils (Soya,Coconut,Sunflower)
  • Whey Proteins
  • Prebiotics (FOS & GOS)
  • Essential Fatty Acids (DHA & ARA)
  • Includes Iron, Zinc, Choline, Vitamin D & Calcium.


  • Organised
  • Non GMO
  • No corn Syrup
  • No Artificial colors or sweetners.
  • BPA Free.
  • If your baby has food sensitivity, Its doesn’t contain soy.


  • Difficult to dissolve in Water or Breast milk
  • Needs a lot of shaking & stirring to get fully dissolved.

Overall, this is an excellent option for our best baby formula list. Interested ? Click here to check out!