Best Organic Baby Formula-2020

Infant formula comes in dozens of brands and varieties and figuring out which is best for our baby can be a daunting task especially when we parents want a natural formula containing no preservatives,artificial flavors, colors or artificial sweetners.

Organic formula contains all natural & Non-GMO ingredients. Above all, they are sourced from farms that feed their cattle only organic foods having no traces of pesticides, herbicides, Steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, or harmful additives, whereas on contrast, Non-organic formulas scare us as they have vitamins derived from petroleum, herbicides,  fungicides, sulfate-based pesticides,corn syrup solids etc and much more.

But natural and non-toxic formula tends to be quite more expensive especially at the local grocery store but varies in quality & taste. After a thorough research, I have listed down the few .

Here are Best Budget Organic Baby Formula for 2020

HiPP Organic Infant Baby Formula

1) HIPP Combiotik Infant Formula

HiPP is one of the best selling European formulas (made in Germany and Netherlands) : 

  • It is a lactose based certified organic formula.
  • Contains both Prebiotics (Plant Fiber) and Probiotics for digestion.
  • Also has Omega 3 Fatty acids (DHA) and Whey proteins.
  • Similar to Breast Milk, it also contains lactic acid bacteria cultures (B.lactis) that helps reduce colic & irritability.

Pros :-  

  • Does not contain starch, Gluten, Maltodextrin, Processed Sugars.
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Essential Vitamins & Nutrients
  • Great for babies with sensitivity and more complex nutritional needs.

When tested this formula, (Stage 1) on 4 babies,  Two 2- Months old,  One 4- Month old & One 6-Month old, three of the four readily accepted the taste and none of the four developed Colic, Gas or Discomfort.  

You can check out the“HiPP Combiotic Organic baby formula here!’

2)  The Honest Co Organic Baby Food With DHA) 

The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba with the intent to develop high quality baby products while offering at reasonable prices.There are two versions available:- One they call Premium which is to replicate breast milk and the Sensitive version is for infants with gas bloating & constipation issues.

Now Let’s start with Premium Version.

Ingredients :

  • This is lactose based & non-fat milk based formula.
  • Contains palm,Soy, Coconut & Sunflower oils.
  •  Whey Protein, Alpina oil (AHA) algal oil (DHA)
  •  Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid, Chlorine,  Vit A, D, E,C,K & B.

The Sensitive version has processed sugars hence, we consider  Premium version over Sensitive.


  • Both are Non-GMO formulas.
  • Contains Omega fatty acids DHA & ARA.
  • with Prebiotic – FOS (Fructose- Oligosaccharides) 


  • The Use of Taurine , Sodium, Selenite which are not organic according to US Government . But, Overall they are better than most other US-based formula options and we like it for that.

  If interested you can check out Honest Co. Organic Baby Food with DHA here!

3) Similac Organic Baby Formula

Similac is one of the most trusted brands for new parents.They make a wide range of baby formulas including the popular Pro-Advance, Pro-Total, Comfort, Advance, Sensitive, Pro-Sensitive, Spit up, and Alimentum Options.

This is suitable for infants 0-12 months & is based on organic non-fat cow’s milk.


  • No issues with gas or discomfort.
  • Contains vitamins & minerals lutein, DHA & choline
  • Two babies we tested readily accepted its flavor. No  Issues with gas or discomfort but the babies tend to be pretty resilient to begin with.
  • Overall, we appreciate this organic formula as long as you are OK with addition of sugar.
  • Costs about a dollar per ounce if your buy in bulk which is more expensive than some others on this list interested .


  • Has Maltodextrin that is used as a thickener & preservative so, it can  cause spike in blood sugar levels. Few formulas in this list without Maltodextrin are HiPP, Organics  & Happy Baby but it is considered a relatively harmless ingredient.
  • Contains soy which causes potential allergies.

If interested you can checkout the Similac organic Baby Formula here!

4) Earth’s Best Infant Organic Formula

This milk powder has DHA & ARA to promote eye & brain development.This Baby Formula with no Growth Hormones, no Antibiotics or steriods.


  • There are no growth hormones.
  • No Antibiotics.
  • No Steroids
  • Parents report that their babies have an easy time digesting.  
  • More affordable than the options at organic grocery stores.


  • Earth’s best uses Hexane for extracting DHA & ARA from lab grown algae & fungus.
  • Hexane is used as a chemical De-greaser , Industrial cleaner and a Neurotoxin.

We prefer to stay out of the debate given the lack of sound scientific data. Interested? You can check out  Earth’s Best Baby Formula here!

5) Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

This baby formula is a great option, especially when planning to use the formula from birth.

The dairy cows used to make milk for this formula are only feed Organic Diets. The formula is very similar to composition of breast milk.


  • Include lactose, Oils (Soya,Coconut,Sunflower)
  • Whey Proteins
  • Prebiotics (FOS & GOS)
  • Essential Fatty Acids (DHA & ARA)
  • Includes Iron, Zinc, Choline, Vitamin D & Calcium.


  • Organised
  • Non GMO
  • No corn Syrup
  • No Artificial colors or sweetners.
  • BPA Free.
  • If your baby has food sensitivity, Its doesn’t contain soy.


  • Difficult to dissolve in Water or Breast milk
  • Needs a lot of shaking & stirring to get fully dissolved.

Overall, this is an excellent option for our best baby formula list. Interested ? Click here to check out! 

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