Dear Klairs is one of the best Korean Brand in Skincare industry. Now it has its stores in GCC. 

One thing i really admire about these products are they are cruelty free and their products doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

They have huge collection of skin and hair care which I wouldn’t stop using  but  still everybody have their favorites. So, am I. Now , if  you ask me which are the products good to go ? Well, I would say it merely depends on skin type,  the environment if its dry or humid. Skin issues like spots, pimples so, However, I have just selected down few of the products you would love to try out.

1)  Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleansers : 

A cleansers should deep cleanse the skin but never leave you skin dry and tight, stripping away all its natural oils.

The Cleansers should neither be too alkaline or too acidic and not disrupt the skin’s pH level. Upsetting skin with symptoms such as redness, breakouts  & dry skin.

This Foam Cleanser is best facial cleanser for acne prone oily skin. It’s a light weight formula which removes both oil and dirt without drying out the skin. It  is good for sensitive skin.

Does not irritate the skin.

2) Klairs Supply Preparation Facial Toner :

This tones balance your Skin’s pH level to ensure  effectiveness of entire Skin Regimen. It is best for sensitive skin types.

It was featured in women’s article  where it was shown in top toner recommendation.

Toners are essential after cleansing the face.

3) Klairs Rich Moist Soothing cream Moisturizer :

Choose for a moisturizer that delivers moisture while being light on skin without giving a greasy look.

Instead of looking to  a significant need of moisturizing, reach for a product that tackles  acne, excessive oil product & dryness.

All types of Skin :

Klairs is infused with yeast derived Beta  Glucan which repairs cells by strengthening the upper dry dermis and sensitive skin inside.

Points to be noted :- What to look in a moisturizer ?

 a) For Dry Skin:

  •  Dry skin can handle rich oil based product.
  • Dry Skin people need 2X the moisture packed with other ingredients also such as vitamins fr an elastic complexion .


KLAIRS FRESHLY JUICED VIT E MASK FOR DRY SKIN :-  It can be used as a Multi purpose mask treatment, a sleeping face pack or a daily moisturizer.

PRIMARY INGREDIENTS – Black berry fruit extract, Hyaluronate, Lavender oil , Eucalyptus oill , Lemon oil, Orange peel oil, Nacinamide, Antioxidant.

 b) Oily Skin :

Oily Skin needs a light weight moisturizer. Instead of just dealing with an issue of oily skin, it must tackle other issues related to oily skin such as acne , excess oil production.


c) For Enlarged Pores and Blackheads

Try BRE ZERO NIGHT CREAM BY SKINMISO :- It helps in moisturizing the skin as well as reducing black heads.

d) For dull skin

Dull skin is caused due to accumulation of dead cells on to the top most layer of dermis which needs to be exfoliated. It needs to be done on regular basis which otherwise leads to dry,flaky skin and can be a hindrance to glowy skin.

BY WISHTREND-VIT 75 MAXIMIZING CREAM:- If dull skin is your primary concern, then you better need to deal with anti aging and exfoliation .Exfoliating away those layers of dead sluggish layer,Adding on an exfoliating agent and also Brightening agents will do wonders to the skin.

e) For SuperSensitive Skin:-

The main thing one has to look into are the ingredients. The product should not contain any harsh chemicals, Fragrances, alcohol, sulphates and colors. Inspite, look for Soothing agents such as Guaiazulene.


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